Ambassador Brendan Nsikak


Ambassador Brendan Nsikak is the CEO of Brendance and Crusaders Limited, the man behind the ‘PERFECT EXPRESSION’. Brendance and Crusaders Limited is the company behind MR AND MISS NIGERIA INTERNATIONAL constantly developing brand in the business of pageantry, beauty packaging and commercial branding and we have been in the corporate world traversing for quite a long time, within this period of time, we have possessed the capacity to cut a corner for our-selves by facilitating a yearly event named MR AND MISS NIGERIA INTERNATIONAL, which is cutting over the different geopolitical zone of Nigeria currently.

We are likewise enthusiastic about what we do and what our clients says in regards to us, that is the reason why our team of expert dependably goes a points length to guarantee consumer satisfaction and preservation.

Our administration ranges from pageantry, event management, modelling, and artiste management to communication and entertainment Company.

Over a decade the pageant industry, companies and individuals have endowed Brendan Nsikak, CEO of Brendance and Crusader Limited with their most vital events. Brendan conveys profundity of business experience to the planning, management, and execution stages.

Customers advantage from Brendan’s ability to deliver on promise, effective management, accurate budget planning and on-time delivery. He leads an experienced staff equipped to handle a broad spectrum of events from choreography, model and catwalk instructing, event management, artiste management to entertainment management. Brendan has developed his connections and relationships by providing the “The Perfect Expression” to his clients… nothing is impossible when he’s on the case!

Brendan who studied Poise and Etiquette in South Africa, Modeling and Choreography in France and in U.K was the pageant Choreographer and Consultant to Miss Nigeria from 2003 to 2009, Miss Tourism Nigeria, and Miss Environment Nigeria.

In 2006, Producer and Groomer Prettiest Girl in Nigeria, the Producer/choreographer Sisi Oge Pride of Africa 2008 to 2017, Groomer/choreographer Mr. and Miss Glo Rock and Rule visiting 18 urban communities in Nigeria, Ghana and Benin (Season-1).

Ambassador. Brendan Nsikak won the Nigerian fashion enterprising award 2015. He was the Choreographer/Groomer naija @50 National Fashion Show, the Trained Consultant for Bayelsa State Children Carnival, the Youngest National Judge (Ever) Abuja Carnival 2009 to 2013. He likewise filled in as the choreographer Miss Lagos Carnival 2010 and he is the Consultant/Producer for Glo Pageant Festival 2010 to date. He is the Trained Consultant on Poise and Etiquette to numerous universal schools and corporate associations in Nigeria.

Between 2003 to date, Mr. Brendan Nsikak has carve an niche for himself representing Nigeria in the International Performing Arts Festivals like Pro-Life Festival Durban 2003, Dance and Ballet Workshop Germany 2004, Nigeria Heart of Africa Project London 2006, Heart of Africa Project Paris 2007, Commonwealth 2014 Bids London 2007, Commonwealth Abuja 2014 Finals Bid Sri Lakar 2008.

He has won various recompenses both at home and abroad and has performed in numerous International Festivals. He has also won Winner Nigeria Achiever Award 2017, "Fashion Enterpeneuer of the Year", Winner Ecstasy Concert Award, "Most outstanding Fashion and Modeling Icon of the year" , Festival Constutant Kabba "Cultural Heritage Festival" Nigeria Godwill Ambassdor award "The Most Poise Pageant Producer of the year 2015" , Glamour Role Model Awards "Pageant/Fashion Enterpreuenr of the Year 2016", Nigeria Icons Fashion Award "Fashion Enterprise of the year 2015".

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